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Related traffic offenses


Our law firm has the experience you need. We can help in your fight to avoid jail, license suspension, fines and higher insurance rates. Our lawyers can assist you in any case including: refusal to submit to alcohol tests (breath, blood and urine), illegal stops and arrests. Roberts & Elliot will provide you with an attorney who specializes in drunk driving defense and related offenses:

  • Suspended License
  • Hit & Run
  • Drug Offenses
  • DMV Proceedings
  • Traffic Violations
  • Failure to Appear

NOTICE: This general information sheet is not intended to guide you in the defenses of your particular case or provide legal advice as to your particular case. Each case is different. For legal advice on the particulars of your case, you should consult an attorney. To speak to an experienced attorney please contact Roberts & Elliott, LLP at (408) 275-9800
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